Exhibition of Body Maps - November 2021

Body Mapping: Listening with Your Eyes is an exhibition organised as part of the knowledge translation activities for the project Gender and Resistance to Violent Extremism. The exhibition was held in November 2021 at the Technical University of Mombasa for five days. This event was supported by generous  funding  from the British Academy and the Global Challenges Research funded Cluster on Performing Violence Engendering Change (https://www.performingviolence.com/). During this event, we organised a panel discussion and we shared the body maps with a large audience of students, academics and policy makers in a way that triggered dialogue and raised awareness about local communities' experiences of violence. 

Webinar: Researching Violent Extremism in Kenya Using Body Mapping - June 2021

Workshops Videos

In November 2019, twenty women and men from the coastal region of Kenya gathered in Mombasa for two weeks of ‘Body Map’ workshops. The participants were invited to create a life-sized painting called a ‘body map’ to express their views and experiences of violent extremism and their resistance to it.
Over five days, each workshop became a place for the participants to nurture their skills, grow their knowledge and question their place in and contribution to Kenya. The diversity of the participants enabled a narrative that wove together a tapestry of Kenya in all its complexities – historical, cultural, ethnic, economic, social and political.